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The Collector s Apprentice Book PDF Summary

FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE ART FORGER AND THE MURALIST “Dazzling and seductive, a tour de force, The Collector’s Apprentice is an exhilarating tale of shifting identities, desire, and intrigue set between 1920s Paris and Philadelphia.”—Dawn Tripp, bestselling author of Georgia It’s the summer of 1922, and nineteen-year-old Paulien Mertens finds herself in Paris—broke, disowned, and completely alone. Everyone in Belgium, including her own family, believes she stole millions in a sophisticated con game perpetrated by her then-fiancé, George Everard. To protect herself from the law and the wrath of those who lost everything, she creates a new identity, a Frenchwoman named Vivienne Gregsby, and sets out to recover her father’s art collection, prove her innocence—and exact revenge on George. When the eccentric and wealthy American art collector Edwin Bradley offers Vivienne the perfect job, she is soon caught up in the Parisian world of post-Impressionists and expatriates—including Gertrude Stein and Henri Matisse, with whom Vivienne becomes romantically entwined. As she travels between Paris and Philadelphia, where Bradley is building an art museum, her life becomes even more complicated: George returns with unclear motives . . . and then Vivienne is arrested for Bradley’s murder. B. A. Shapiro has made the historical art thriller her own. In The Collector’s Apprentice, she gives us an unforgettable tale about the lengths to which people will go for their obsession, whether it be art, money, love, or vengeance.

Detail Book of The Collector s Apprentice PDF

The Collector s Apprentice
  • Author : B. A. Shapiro
  • Release : 16 October 2018
  • Publisher : Algonquin Books
  • ISBN : 9781616208851
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Total Page : 352 pages
  • Language : English
  • PDF File Size : 10,6 Mb

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