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Savage Lover Book PDF Summary

There’s A Reason I Never Go To Parties... I saw him in a cloud of smoke, like sin made flesh. Even bruised and battered, I’d never seen anything more beautiful... Unless I hate myself, I should stay far away from Nero. He’s a heartbreaker. A mess-maker. A walking disaster. Here’s the problem: I’m in deep trouble with a dirty cop. The only person who can save me is Nero. We’re not friends. If he saw me drowning, he’d throw me an anchor. But he’s the only chance I’ve got. He’s no hero, he’s a Savage Lover.

Detail Book of Savage Lover PDF

Savage Lover
  • Author : Sophie Lark
  • Release : 10 June 2023
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • ISBN : 9798686382176
  • Genre : Heirs
  • Total Page : 261 pages
  • Language : English
  • PDF File Size : 21,6 Mb

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