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Ruthless Heir Book PDF Summary

I’m the player, the gambler, the one without a heart or soul. There isn't a risk I won't take and a challenge I won't meet. Then she came into my world, melting the ice in my veins and showing me a life a man like me never deserved. But it was all a lie. She chose a safer, easier path, not realizing it was riddled with chains. Now she's trapped, needing escape, and I'm the only one who can set her free. I'm not the hero from the storybooks, but the devil betrayed from birth. With the cards stacked in my favor, I will use any means necessary to take my empire and my queen...even if it means, burning it all to ash.

Detail Book of Ruthless Heir PDF

Ruthless Heir
  • Author : Sienna Snow
  • Release : 09 February 2023
  • Publisher : Sienna Snow
  • ISBN : 9781948756280
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Total Page : 250 pages
  • Language : English
  • PDF File Size : 12,5 Mb

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