Kathalil Irunthu Thirumanam Varai

                                                                                 Kathalil Irunthu Thirumanam Varai Author: சோம. வள்ளியப்பன் / Soma. Valliappan
Publisher: Kizhakku
Summary: கனவு. கவலை. பயம். திருமணம் என்றதும் இந்த மூன்றும் ஒன்று சேர்ந்து நம்மைப் பிய்த்து தின்ன ஆரம்பிக்கின்றன. காதல் தி...

Doctor Thome

Doctor Thome Author: Anthony Trollope
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Summary: Frank has but one duty before him. He must marry money.' The squire of Greshamsbury has fallen on hard times, and it is incumbent on his son Frank to make a good marriage. But Frank loves the doctor's niece, Mary Thorne, a girl with no money and mysterious parentage. He faces a terrible dilemma: sho...

Dual Process Theories in Moral Psychology

Dual Process Theories in Moral Psychology Author: Cordula Brand
Publisher: Springer
Summary: This anthology offers a unique collection of contributions focusing on the discussion about the so-called dual-process theories within the field of moral psychology. In general, dual-process theories state that in cognitive systems, two sorts of processes can be differentiated: an affective, associa...

Perspectives in Environmental Management

Perspectives in Environmental Management Author: Ralf Buckley
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Summary: The author, experienced in industry and academia, presents a set of 15 recent review essays which identify and examine critical current issues of environmental management. Topics covered include environmental accounting, economics and taxation, environmental audit and insurance, institutional and ad...

IELTS General Training Reading Practice Test 2

IELTS General Training Reading Practice Test  2 Author: Jason Hogan
Publisher: Maldek House
Summary: The IELTS General Training Reading Practice Tests series has been developed to help students to have more tests to practise with. It has been recommended by a number of IELTS academics that students engage in practicing for the IELTS exam daily, at least six months in advance, to give them a better ...

100 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

100 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Author: Ben Greenfield
Publisher: Price World Publishing
Summary: "100 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism," written by renowned fitness expert Ben Greenfield, is the definitive guide to using dietary supplements, nutritional science, and exercise secrets to melt fat, build lean muscle, and make your daily metabolism burn like a wildfire! This book contains a different ...

The Political Economy of Microfinance

The Political Economy of Microfinance Author: Philip Mader
Publisher: Springer
Summary: According to the author, rather than alleviating poverty, microfinance financialises poverty. By indebting poor people in the Global South, it drives financial expansion and opens new lands of opportunity for the crisis-ridden global capital markets. This book raises fundamental concerns about this ...

Historicism Psychoanalysis and Early Modern Culture

Historicism  Psychoanalysis  and Early Modern Culture Author: Carla Mazzio,Douglas Trevor
Publisher: Routledge
Summary: First published in 2000. Did people in early modern Europe have a concept of an inner self? Carla Mazzio and Douglas Trevor have brought together an outstanding group of literary, cultural, and history scholars to answer this intriguing question. Through a synthesis of historicism and psychoanalytic...

Feminist Alliances

Feminist Alliances Author: Lynda Burns
Publisher: Rodopi
Summary: Focus on the prospects for alliance between feminism and other political positions. Contributions are: The Complexities of Coalition; Whose Politics? Who's Correct?; Speaking of Feminism . . . What Are We Arguing About?; The Purposes of Politics: A Feminist Inquiry; Foucault, Feminism, and History; ...

Knowing Noah

Knowing Noah Author: Douglas Floen
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Summary: Knowing Noah is the story of the adventures of a young farm mouse who,through extraordinary circumstances found that he could read and understand humans when they spoke.Because of this wonderful capability Noah not only finds himself in the midst of some very terrifying adventures but also finds tha...