Low tech Innovation

Low tech Innovation Author: Oliver Som,Eva Kirner
Publisher: Springer
Summary: This book highlights the economic relevance of the so-called low-tech industries and firms. Non R&D intensive firms continue to be the economic backbone of several developed industrial countries. They form the core of National Innovation Systems and contribute significantly to growth and employment....

Men s Experiences of Violence in Intimate Relationships

Men s Experiences of Violence in Intimate Relationships Author: Marianne Inéz Lien,Jørgen Lorentzen
Publisher: Springer
Summary: This open access book draws on a broad study on violence against men, from both male and female partners in Norway, to contribute to the research on intimate partner violence. It identifies similarities in men's experiences and backgrounds, including in their perceptions of their own victimisation. ...

The Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities Author: Eileen Gardiner,Ronald G. Musto
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Summary: The Digital Humanities is a comprehensive introduction and practical guide to how humanists use the digital to conduct research, organize materials, analyze, and publish findings. It summarizes the turn toward the digital that is reinventing every aspect of the humanities among scholars, libraries, ...

Cheap Insurance for Your Home Automobile Health Life

Cheap Insurance for Your Home  Automobile  Health    Life Author: Carla Rowley,Lee Rowley
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company
Summary: Insurance takes a huge bite out of the average American's monthly budget, and as stated above, many Americans simply forgo insurance because they consider it out of reach. Shopping for insurance requires more effort than many people want to devote to it. They simply grab the first price they come ac...

Looking Back

Looking Back Author: Joan E. Williams
Publisher: Joan williams
Summary: At a time when there is the great debate in the USA about which countries interfere in other's democratic elections and a time of great turmoil in Venezuela, this is a most relevant and timely publication. For the current events in Venezuela, including the shortage of basic food, state sponsored ter...

Last Ride

Last Ride Author: Laura Langston
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Summary: A year after he accidentally killed his best friend while street racing, Cody has stopped racing and is trying to work off the cost of repairing his car, until his boss announces he will keep the car if Cody doesn't pay it off at once....

Soil Responses to Climate Change

Soil Responses to Climate Change Author: Mark D.A. Rounsevell,Peter J. Loveland
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Summary: Soils will play a central role in mediating the impact of climate change on natural and managed ecosystems. The book addresses the various responses of soil processes and properties to environmental change and highlights their contribution to the proper understanding of ecosystem behaviour. Topics i...

Co Creation and Well Being in Tourism

Co Creation and Well Being in Tourism Author: Antónia Correia,Metin Kozak,Juergen Gnoth,Alan Fyall
Publisher: Springer
Summary: This book offers a wealth of new views and interpretations of well-being in tourism, emphasizing the role that co-creation – the creation or enhancement of value through tourist engagement with tourism providers and other tourists – is increasingly playing in enriching tourist experiences. A com...

Subject Matters

Subject Matters Author: Paul Gifford,Johnnie Gratton
Publisher: Rodopi
Summary: What can we currently make of 'the subject'? Under the sway of structuralism and poststructuralism, critical thinking took a distinctly negative turn, effectively disqualifying any form of subjectivity as a reference point in discussions of textual or literary meaning. Since the mid-1970s, however, ...

Hollywood Vault

Hollywood Vault Author: Eric Hoyt
Publisher: Univ of California Press
Summary: Hollywood Vault is the story of how the business of film libraries emerged and evolved, spanning the silent era to the sale of feature libraries to television. Eric Hoyt argues that film libraries became valuable not because of the introduction of new technologies but because of the emergence and gr...